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Come Join Us!

Thanks for looking into volunteer opportunities with Christina Barry for Wisconsin. We are busy each week contacting voters about the importance of the November election. Christina can't do this alone though and relies heavily on volunteers to help us reach more voters!  We have plenty of volunteer opportunities below:


Lit Drop

Join us for a lit drop on October 22 at 9am or noon.  We will provide you with a list of addresses, a partner, and door hangers. This activity does not require talking to residents.


We are out knocking on doors each week and talking to voters about the upcoming November election. It's important to make connections with neighbors and encourage them to get out and vote!

Yard Signs

Request a yard sign to show your support and remind neighbors who is on the ballot this November!


Write Post Cards

There are a lot of voters who live in apartments that we cannot access during canvassing. Please help us reach out to them and let them know their voice and vote are important by sending them postcards.

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