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  • We need to restore women's reproductive rights in Wisconsin; Abortion care and birth control should be safe and accessible.

  • Healthcare should be affordable.  No one should be forced into debt or bankruptcy over basic medical needs.

  • Healthcare should be accessible.

  • Quality public education is vital to successful communities.

  • We need adequate state-level funding for public schools, including full funding for special education services.

Public Safety
  • Advocate for Gun Violence Prevention Initiatives, including

    • Increase minimum age for purchasing firearms

    • Close loopholes on background checks

    • Adopt red flag laws

  • Domestic violence is a major issue that is often overlooked in our court systems. As a representative, I would advocate for changes to WI family court systems to acknowledge the impacts of domestic violence on children and to WI criminal court systems for harsher consequences.

  • Advocate for additional resources for increased police training and mental health resources.

The Economy
  • People deserve to get paid fairly for an honest day's work.

  • We need to ensure that there are good jobs available in the state to support economic growth and encourage younger generations to remain in Wisconsin.

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